Don’t let me drown. 

As I kept swimming, I looked up to find you swimming towards me. We locked eyes for a moment and it all made sense. Why I’ve gotten this far, why I was headed in this direction, it was a way to you. 


My dear

See your worth and own it. You don’t need to feel sad or confused. Let it go, what are you scared of? There is nothing but love. Don’t fear the unknown, embrace or and be patient. I know you want him now but a flower does not bloom in one day. It takes time to unfold, we are both still watering our garden. 


Oh but isn’t it something else, something painfully lovely to lose yourself with someone..

I am a mad woman. I do love myself, I just love to give myself, especially to a man of his passion. 


I just feel like I want someone to hold my hand, to touch my hair , to tell my everything will be alright. 

This feeling of loneliness sucks. I miss my alone time. I want to be happy. 

Why do I feel these feelings? 

To know him

You let love in but it also brings a thousand more emotions with it. I feel this ache in my chest when I am not with him, like it’s reaching out for something unattainable.

Yet when I am with him..I want to embrace him and stare into his lovely eyes. Like an unknown cave, I want to discover him. 

-lovely speaking

Confessions #17 

I’ve been faithful to him ever since our first love making. He captured my lust at first, I will admit he made my body explode with passion and sensual love like never before..beyond my wildest dreams.

He let me loose, he let this fire devour him and instead of burning he grew hotter and stronger. My heart had no other option but to fall…those hazel eyes..that enchanting grin. He is mesmerising.

-lovely speaking

5am thoughts 

I miss him. 

It is early now and I still can’t sleep. 

I miss him. That is all my mind says right now. 

How is it that he can make me forget everyone? I hardly noticed other men.

 I said I was ready to love him, to make him happy.

 I wish I could speak to him but I’d rather be laying down with him, listening to his soft snores as his fan blows fierciously near by.

I wonder if he fell asleep unbothered tonight.

-lovely speaking